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Bear Aware Hopes To See Improvements After Four Bears Were Euthanized In Revelstoke
Revelstoke's Bear Aware Society is pleading with residents for more co-operation deterring bears, after news yesterday that four bears have been euthanized in a mere seven days time. Sue Davies says its been a bad season for wild food in ... Read More...

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Arcade Fire's Parry looks inward for album 'Music For Heart and Breath'

TORONTO - When Richard Reed Parry needs a break from touring with Arcade Fire he looks inward.

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Sturla Gunnarsson's documentary 'Monsoon' a 'love letter to India'

TORONTO - Sturla Gunnarsson's documentary "Monsoon" is his "love letter to India" and a return to the vast and bustling country for the prolific Canadian filmmaker.

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