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Highway One Re-Opens After Fatal Monday Night Collision
Police in Revelstoke say that the driver of one of two tractor-trailers in a Monday crash died at the scene of the accident, after one commercial vehicle jack-knifed into on-comming traffic near the Enchanted Forest, West of Revelstoke. The collision ... Read More...

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Brent Butt says he thought 'don't ruin' new "Corner Gas" movie

REGINA - The cast of the hit TV series "Corner Gas" are revelling in the newest set of shenanigans to befall the residents of Dog River — only this time the laughs and blunders are taking place on the big screen.

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Canadian country singer Dallas Smith says 'you'll never see me in a cowboy hat'

TORONTO - If you're waiting for Dallas Smith — erstwhile Default frontman turned fast-rising idol of Canadian country — to begin pandering to Nashville stereotypes, well, you're wasting your time.

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