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Evacuation Order Continues Near Sunnybrae
The Shuswap Emergency Program says that an evacuation order for seven homes along Sunnybrae Canoe-Point road, will continue for the time being, thanks to mudslide concerns, after 100 metres of debris shut down the busy road on Wednesday. The SEP ... Read More...

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James Franco on bedroom selfies: 'It's not like I'm exposing myself'

NEW YORK, N.Y. - James Franco says his recent Instagram postings of him in bed — alone or not — are his way of sharing a "very kind of intimate portrait" of himself and to get people talking.

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Bronze statue of movie critic Roger Ebert unveiled during Ebertfest film festival

CHICAGO - Roger Ebert's final blog posting last April ended with his hopeful sign-off: "I'll see you at the movies." The award-winning film critic died two days later.

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